Thursday, July 16, 2009

Severna Park - 2 EPs (1997/1998)

Exploding onto the local NW scene in the mid to late 90's, Severna Park quickly became a local favorite with their exciting live shows and catchy songs. A self released a 4-track EP (500 copies) sold out so fast they they had no choice but to re-release it--and did so--adding 4 bonus tracks. Quickly, they released another EP on the Seattle based Collective Fruit label and then disappeared. Technically they broke up, but, disappeared is a more accurate term because they ceased to exist on the Internet until one of the band members formed a myspace page for themselves last year. "Color Blind" is the greatest song you have never heard.

Severna Park EP (reissue)
1. My Way
2. Bionic Rocket
3. Twice As High
4. Circuit Breaker
5. Worms
6. 7th Street
7. Color Blind
8. Darlin' (live on KCMU 90.3)

Severna Park - Three 16 EP
1. Humid
2. Give My Regards
3. Hearts On Ice
4. New Years


-posted by Indy


  1. Great band. I have the cassette version of the demo from back then still. Never picked up the full-length cd, though. But it's out there. Thanks!!

  2. I know its a long shot as this was so long ago, but do you happen to still have downloads of this. the link is dead