Monday, July 20, 2009

Fifty-Cent Finds!

In an effort to discover unknown music and to get extra use out of my record player I am trying this out: Welcome to Fifty-Cent Finds. Every week or two I will head over to Amoeba's 50 cent 7" section and select $2 worth of independent records. Selection will be made on whatever catches my eye.


Rizzo - Shymaster 7"
(1997 / Cher Doll Records)
A local LA two piece girl band. Comet asked me if I had the Tullycraft/Rizzo split and then when I went to the store this was the front record in the 50cent section.

01. Shymaster
02. Road Song
03. Cathy's Song

Bunny Summer - The One About Las Vegas E.P.
(1992 / SpinArt)
Bought this because of the name and cover art. On the back its says "on the a side he sings / and the b side she sings". Holly is a crackhead is my new favorite song.

01. the one about las vegas
02. the one about holly
03. black & white
04. crush

Super Deluxe - She Came On 7"
(1996 / Tim Kerr Records)
Super Deluxe is a band from my teenage years, I was never super into them but they make nice songs. Disc is cotton candy pink.

01. She Came On
02. On Lisa

Benge - evs2:01
(2001 / Expanding Records)
On white vinyl. Electro-trance-y, something Jason Bentley would be found playing late at night.

01. baud
02. unary


If anyone has anything to add about these bands feel free to educate me as well as the rest of world.

-posted by Indy


  1. I can upload Tullycraft/Rizzo split (bitrate 128) if you need

  2. Heck yeah! Please do, Comet had to sell his and hasn't been able to afford a replacement.


  4. Thank you so much. You are the best.

  5. Hi there, I was the singer in bunny summer. Thanks for posting our single! If anyone wants more, check my blog -