Monday, June 29, 2009

Micro Mini - This Is Jennie EP (1997)

After the grunge scene had tore through the nation, the northwest saw an explosion of indepentant pop in the mid-90's which then launched bands like Super Deluxe and The Presidents of the United States of America into mainstream popularity. Grunge, full of moshing, violence and drug use caused all ages shows to diminish and outside of large scale venues and RKNDY, the only shows to attend in Seattle were usually that featuring overly happy pop bands. Micro Mini was the first local indie band I ever saw live and it forever changed my life. Besides having a huge crush on keyboardist Amy Barnett, attending multiple Micro Mini shows introduced me to a tons of local bands and their full-lenght CD Get In To The Go Go Cage (1998) on Collective Fruit opened my eyes to local labels like Kill Rock Stars, K Records, Subpop, Luka Pop and C/Z. This Is Jennie was their first release (I think) and is long out of print having just once small pressing. While it is a nostalgic record for me--at 15, "meet in bed after practice" was the greatest song ever--it is a perfect reprentation of the underground indiepop scene that was happing in Seattle.

01 She's Not F
02 Repairs
03 Meet Me In Bed After Practice
04 Vanillaroma
05 Macho Grande (+ Hidden Track)


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Go Team - 7" Singles (1989)

K Records founder Calvin Johnson & Bikini Kill's Tobi Vail, collaborating with an ever-changing hodgepodge of musicians, made up the 1980's band The Go Team. For a band featuring two well known independant artists, there isn't all that much out there about The Go Team. Their releases are crying out for re-issues. I lost a bid on ebay for the Come Archer Sparrow cassette tape--my max bid was $190--in 2008! For a cassette tape!

In 1989 The Go Team started a 7" singles club which ended up being nine records over the course of a year. Each seven inch was silk screened on one side and featured music on the other. I highly recommend checking out this article about it. It's where I stole the photo from--the only Go Team band photo that can be found online. Over the years I have collected 7 of the 9 singles. The two records I do not own are: July, which features Kurt Cobain on guitar (expensive as hell) and September which is an excerpt(?!?) of an instrumental. I also have included a bonus live track "slumberland gods" from the pre-moon syndrome comp LP.

The Go Team - Singles Club (1989)

01 sand - january 7"
02 jigsaw - january 7"
03 ouside - february 7"
04 stay ready - february 7"
05 breakfast in bed - march 7"
06 safe little circles - march 7"
07 milquetoast brigade - april 7"
08 she was sad - april 7"
09 ribeye - may 7"
10 935 patterson - may 7"
11 go team call - june 7"
12 three ways to sunday - june 7"
13 tummy hop - august 7"
14 maverick summer - august 7"
15 slumberland gods - live from the pre-moon syndrome comp LP


***if anyone has rips of the two missing singles I would love to hear them***

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UPDATE: I have found the second track of the july 7" -
Bikini Twilight - featuring Kurdt Kobain