Friday, July 17, 2009

C.J. Mix Tape - U.S. Pop Underground / Wimpy - Power Pop 1976-1980 (cassette)

K Records founder Calvin Johnson has been making mix tapes over the years from his personal 7" record collection. Sometimes he has them at shows, sometimes he doesn't. I have own quite a few and here is one for you.

Calvin Johnson Mix Tape:
U.S. Pop Underground / wimpy - power pop / 1976-1980

Side A:
01. I Believe In - Richi Ray
02. Don't Listen to Them - Bill Kern
03. Teenage Girls - Scruffs
04. Decline and Fall - The Sneakers
05. I Love You - The Furors
06. I Wonder If I'll Ever See You Again - The Leopards
07. I'm Not Satisfied - The Boys
08. Popgun - The Bats
09. Come to Me - Brad Long
10. Tomorrow Belongs to You - Gary Valentine
11. I'm Thru - The Tweeds

Side B:
12. Baby, It's Cold Outside - Pezband
13. The Summer Sun - Chris Stamey
14. Baby Don't Give Up - Barry Knoedl
15. Okay - The Shoes
16. Stupidest Thing - Luxury
17. Underwater Girl - The Tweeds
18. Down on the Boulevard - The Pop
19. Live in the Sun - Jim Basnight
20. You Make Me Shake - The Boys
21. Hanging on the Telephone - The Nerves


-posted by Indy


  1. Hi - I bought this tape from Calvin at one of his concerts, an now I'm trying to get a few of these songs in a digital format to put together a mix cd. When I try to open the file, it asks for a password. Is there a problem with the file, or do you know what the password might be?

  2. So many thank yous for posting this, however long ago it was. I bought this tape at a small record store when I was in high school and it became the soundtrack to a lot of my adolescence. Friends of mine heard the tape and asked to borrow it and friends of theirs, etc. etc. and it was passed along many times without being copied and eventually I lost track of it when I was in college.
    Anyway, I've had a few of these songs stuck in my head for years now without any way to track most of them down; I would google random phrases I remembered occasionally but to no avail. Finally I googled "Calvin Johnson power pop mixtape" a few minutes ago and found this post after years of searching. Oh my.