Sunday, September 6, 2009

Triangle - Used Allie Places (2004 CD-R)

Triangle is yet another intriguing product of the increasingly prominent Minnesota cheeky electro-pop scene, which also included the likes of Sean Tillman (Sean Na Na, Har Mar Superstar) and Howard Hamilton III (The Busy Signals), both past Triangle collaborators. After getting started in 1998, Triangle self-released a couple of EPs on their Smoke & Mirrors label, before hunkering down in front of their G4 in early 2000 to record their enigmatically titled debut LP, *.

Used Allie Places--another self release in 2004--contains some tracks from their Neon Toe Clips CD and others from their 2nd official album Decimal Places. I lost the cd case and can't find any information on this release. The band has since moved to Oakland, CA.

Triangle - Used Allie Places
1. A Sympathetic Notion
2. Jarvik Moves
3. Courting Contempt
4. Wire Sculpture For President
5. Pillow Sword
6. Wood
7. Kinky Signs
8. Burning Bush
9. Karol
10. Triangle Do The Faint
11. Untitled


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