Thursday, September 17, 2009

C.J. Mix Tape - New Wave Underground / U.S. 1980-83 (cassette)

This tape was given to by my buddy Jon when joined the Peace Core and left for Africa. We both bought mixes directly from Calvin after he played at The Smell so long ago. I acted like a shy girl, he was the swave awesome guy that he is.

Calvin Johnson Mix Tape:
New Wave Underground / U.S. 1980-83

Side A:
Six - Neat
Precaution - Pylon
Distant View - Ray Milland
It Walks at Night - Jad Fair
Screaming - The Leopard Society
Eyes - A New Personality
Westside Lockers - Songs for America
Dead in the Suburbs - Los Reactors
She Sits Alone - Quiet Room
Vietnam - Cold Warrior and the Mercenary

Side B:
Where I Want to Be - Start
Missing Link - The Commonauts
In Bed with Boys - Algebra Suicide
Rock Drill - Secret Rockers
Nakweda Dream - Zru Vogue
Emergency - Dangerous Birds
Falling - Carsickness
Government Money - Boneman of Barumba
New Lottery - Godhead
What You Know - Jungle Nausea


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  1. would you please upload some more pre-sub-pop beachwood sparks? got preflyte, but must hear more! thanks! tell that guy if he just re names the summer hits hot skin file to a .rar it works just fine. thank you for a incredibly hard record to get!

  2. The 4th track, "It Walks At Night", is actually by Jad Fair, not Jay Fair.

  3. Thanks for the correction. Amazing song.

  4. Any chance of a reup? All the links are dead.

  5. second that! I wanna check this one out real bad

  6. Reposted:

  7. Any chance these are still on dropbox somewhere? Both links are dead.