Saturday, August 8, 2009

More 7" Rips

The Halo Benders - Canned Oxygen (Atlas)

This is a Halo Benders 7" featuring a b-side and a remix of Don't Touch My Bikini. It also sounds like the version of Canned Oxygen is different. Could just be me or the old 7" fading.

01 Canned Oxygen
02 Its Not Me
03 Bikini Version


Wolf Colonel S/T (K Records)

Wolf Colonel aka Jason Anderson's first official release, International Pop Underground volume XC, features a whopping 8 songs all about a minute each which are precursors to his Vikings Of Mint release. If you haven't heard Jason's more recent releases checkout for plenty of free albums and pick up The Hopeful and Unafraid on K. It's amazing.

01. What it is
02. Didn't know what was in store
03. The penguin Entropy Retractor
04. Motorcycle Cop
05. Be with you tonight
06. Down where the other play
07. Don't Freeze this mayonaisse
08. True


The Apple - Universal Melody 7" (Belter)

I obsess over other things than just music. Here my bad movies and music love collide. The Apple is a 1980's futuristic disco musical and its one of my all time favorite films. I have a large memorabilia collection--the majority of it rare because of the film's obscurity. This is a 7" from the film put out in Portugal. I have copies of the soundtrack which only had a vinyl release, but those rips are easy to find online. Instead, enjoy this 7inch.

01. Universal Melody
02 Cry For Me


Micro Mini - Overseas (Sonic Boom Recordings)

My favorite pop darlyings from Seattle. Here is their only vinyl release. One side was picture disc the other contained two songs.


Stay tuned for another entry of 50 Cent Finds post tomorrow.

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