Tuesday, August 11, 2009

50 Cent Finds

Fifty Cent Finds 2

Pepgirlz (unknown)
01. Courtney Issuh Asshole
02. Sea Mammals

Quickspace (1996 / Kitty Kitty Corporation)
03. Friend
04. Good Timez

Chest (1996/ Mook)
05. Angels
06. Panic Attack

The Plagiarist (1991 / wafer face)
07. Louisiana Cooking
08. FeRNandO:


Some great finds. The Pepgirlz 7" didn't have a sleeve and has no information on it. I suppose I could try to look it up online but I kind of like it being shrouded in mystery. Kitty Kitty Corporation is an awesome name for a label. The Plagiarists is very experimental. As the inside says "side b is a celebration of the AB-repeat cd loop function, helping make each of us a composer and recycling the digital sound back into vinyl." Enjoy.

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