Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Go Team - 7" Singles (1989)

K Records founder Calvin Johnson & Bikini Kill's Tobi Vail, collaborating with an ever-changing hodgepodge of musicians, made up the 1980's band The Go Team. For a band featuring two well known independant artists, there isn't all that much out there about The Go Team. Their releases are crying out for re-issues. I lost a bid on ebay for the Come Archer Sparrow cassette tape--my max bid was $190--in 2008! For a cassette tape!

In 1989 The Go Team started a 7" singles club which ended up being nine records over the course of a year. Each seven inch was silk screened on one side and featured music on the other. I highly recommend checking out this article about it. It's where I stole the photo from--the only Go Team band photo that can be found online. Over the years I have collected 7 of the 9 singles. The two records I do not own are: July, which features Kurt Cobain on guitar (expensive as hell) and September which is an excerpt(?!?) of an instrumental. I also have included a bonus live track "slumberland gods" from the pre-moon syndrome comp LP.

The Go Team - Singles Club (1989)

01 sand - january 7"
02 jigsaw - january 7"
03 ouside - february 7"
04 stay ready - february 7"
05 breakfast in bed - march 7"
06 safe little circles - march 7"
07 milquetoast brigade - april 7"
08 she was sad - april 7"
09 ribeye - may 7"
10 935 patterson - may 7"
11 go team call - june 7"
12 three ways to sunday - june 7"
13 tummy hop - august 7"
14 maverick summer - august 7"
15 slumberland gods - live from the pre-moon syndrome comp LP


***if anyone has rips of the two missing singles I would love to hear them***

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UPDATE: I have found the second track of the july 7" -
Bikini Twilight - featuring Kurdt Kobain


  1. July and September 8)

  2. Excellent stuff! Terrific blog you have here btw... x

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  4. Does this help?: http://www.e6townhall.com/showthread.php?t=12765

  5. thanks for the heads up. looking forward to listening to the rare go team tracks.

  6. any way you could re-host these, since megaupload is dead now?
    thank you!

    1. Yes, please re-host! please, please, pleaseeee!

    2. Yeah, I'd love to hear these, and their other cassettes if anyone knows where i could find them? :)